Eric Wilson, B.Eng, MASc, EIT


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What we do

We partner with you to design your life.  With our background in the field of engineering and "design thinking", we have learned that the same techniques used to innovate in the world of products and services can be applied to life. We partner with you to literally become the designer of your own life. We will use creative thinking techniques to help you see the world from different perspectives, opening the doors of all that is possible. Trust us, the world looks different from here... 

We work with individuals, established companies, and fast growing start-ups to help them dream big, find what inspires them, and tap into the intrinsic motivation that will get them from where they are, to where they want to be. 

One-on-ONe Coaching

You'll be shocked by how quickly you can overcome the barriers that are keeping you from where you want to be, and surprised at the things you can accomplish when you know someone has your back. 

Want to know the craziest part?  You already know how to get exactly what you want...

You just need someone to remind you.

Adventure coaching

Get all the benefits of one-on-one coaching, with an added element of adventure. 

We will create a personalized coaching plan that draws inspiration from our environment and use it to overcome both physical and emotional barriers. 


Vision Development

Something whispers "you were meant for more".  As much as you try, you can't ignore it.  It calls to you incessantly. 

Let's discover the source of that voice, together.


We create space for individuals and businesses to dream big.  Our goal is to connect you with the mission that will ignite your soul.


Team Transformation

We use our experience working with teams in engineering design to forge strong, cohesive and inspired teams. We guide your team through a journey of introspection, achievement, and discovery, that maximizes team performance. 

What people say

Tara Brunet

Founder of "Training by Tara Brunet"

"Eric is wonderful at cutting to the core of what you really need to focus on and work through. Every time I see him, he manages to bring something out of me that I was either actively avoiding or needed to work through! He’s so kind and considerate, which makes it easy to open up to him. He’s helped me immensely in furthering my business.  I’ve finally started charging what I’m worth and and making some big changes to my schedule to help with my sanity! Thanks to Eric for the push forward."